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Michael Schlegel, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl. ACAS-Nutrition

Sr. Nutritionist, Wildlife & Small Ruminant Technical Solutions

“I can see the nutritional benefits of feeding Exclusive Pet Food in the health and vitality of my own dog.”


Michigan State University


Michael likes challenges and unexpected answers. He’s a scientist, researcher and artist of nutrition and diet formulation. For Michael, every question is a mini research project. Solving everyday challenges animals face is what Michael is all about.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in animal production from The Pennsylvania State University, Michael earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Michigan State University. His career is expansive. He completed a joint post-doctoral research program with the University of Florida’s Department of Animal Science and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animal Programs in exotic animal nutrition, taught animal science as an assistant professor at Delaware Valley University and served ten-years as the Director of Nutritional Services at San Diego Zoo Global. Dr. Schlegel has experience formulating diets for both wild and domestic felids and canids. Michael and his wife are pet parents to a rescued cat and dog. Dr. Schlegel joined Exclusive® Pet Food Team in 2015.

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