Proven Nutrition. Knowledgeable Dealers.

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At Exclusive®, We believe you can never do too much for your pet's health or be too careful with their nutrition. That’s why we follow three principles in everything we do: deliver consistent nutrition, use proven ingredients and offer it with the professional support caring pet owners need.

Food Philosophy

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Consistent Nutrition

We set stringent quality standards for every ingredient and buy only from suppliers who meet our strict criteria. When ingredients arrive at our manufacturing facilities, we inspect them, sample them and analyze their nutrient levels. Only ingredients that meet our strict standards are accepted for use in our formulas. This ensures consistent nutrient concentration in the finished product.

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Proven Ingredients

Everything we do is backed by research. Whether it’s developing innovative new ingredients or continuing research to expand our understanding of the microbiome, our team is focused on delivering the best possible nutrition to every pet, every time.

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Professional Support

Whether your pet is a companion or a performer, we are dedicated to building products that optimize their important purpose in life. That’s why our pet foods are only available from knowledgeable dealers in your community. People who can help you get the information, education and support you need with every purchase. Every single time.

Our Food Guarantee

Our Guarantee

All Exclusive® Signature, Infinia Holistic® and Red Flannel® Pet Foods carry our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, please return the unused portion to the store of purchase for a full refund or replacement. Call 1-800-332-4738 with any questions or comments.


Michael Hayek

We are dedicated to advancing the nutritional science of dog and cat nutrition in order to provide outstanding diets for your four legged family members.

- Michael Hayek, Ph.D.

Director Companion Technical Solutions

Kemba Marshall

Animal health is the sum total of many parts and one of the most important parts is nutritional intake.

- Kemba Marshall, DVM, DABVP

Director of Veterinary Services

Michael Schlegel

I can see the nutritional benefits of feeding Exclusive Pet Food in the health and vitality of my own dog.

- Michael Schlegel, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl. ACAS-Nutrition

Sr. Nutritionist, Wildlife & Small Ruminant Technical Solutions