Image of Dr. Michael Hayek

Michael Hayek, Ph.D.

Director Companion Technical Solutions

“We are dedicated to advancing the nutritional science of dog and cat nutrition in order to provide outstanding diets for your four legged family members.”


University of Kentucky


The nutritional value of pet food keeps getting better, and Michael is dedicated to assuring that scientific advances are leveraged in dog and cat diets. He knows how nutrition interacts with pet health. In fact, he’s authored multiple scientific publications on dog and cat nutrition, and his research continues to establish new standards by which pet food is held.
Michael has committed his career to nutritional science. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology from Villanova University, Michael received a master’s degree in animal science and a Ph.D. in multidisciplinary nutritional science from the University of Kentucky. He then pursued a post-doctoral research program at the USDA Human Nutrition Center of Aging at Tufts University.
Before joining the Exclusive® Pet Food team in 2017, Michael worked as a research nutritionist in the pet food industry for over 20 years. Decades of experience poise him well as he continues to define the future of pet nutrition and explore new opportunities for the betterment of pet digestive health.

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