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5 Tips to Boost Your Pet’s Digestive Health

Your pet’s health starts with their digestive system, and we want you to take the next step to support your pet’s well-being with Exclusive® pet foods. Every product is packed with guaranteed nutrients and digestive support ingredients and is designed with your best friend’s health, happiness and unconditional love in mind. Our formula for the Comfort Care® Digestive Health Support System is made with proprietary blend of fiber, prebiotics and probiotics, making it the optimal choice for your pet’s overall health and well-being. After all, your pets will always be more than just pets. They’re family.
It takes guts to keep your pet’s digestive health on track. That’s why we created Pet Digestive Health Month. We’re bringing awareness to pet owners on the importance of good nutrition and healthy digestion. Just follow our expert-approved tips to get started.

Slow Their Roll

Do you have a burpy beagle or a gassy goldendoodle? Your dog’s diet and how they consume their kibble has a big impact on their gut health. Make mealtime more fun and cut down on those belches and gaseous emanations by feeding your precious pooch with a food puzzle. Food puzzles slow down the speed of your pet’s consumption, making mealtimes more fun and decreasing burps and gas. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

During the dog days of summer, your hot dog may need a little boost to keep their digestive system humming along. Along with a diet that promotes gut health, such as Exclusive’s Comfort Care formula, water consumption plays an important role in keeping your pet’s gut healthy.
Make sure you’re providing plenty of fresh water with these three tips: 
  • Your dog should drink 1 oz for every pound your pet weighs. 
  • Clean your dog’s water dish once a day or as needed to prevent harmful bacterial growth. 
  • Choose the right water dish. Stainless steel is best because it’s durable and, if it’s in good condition, it won’t harbor bacteria. Ceramic is good too as long as it doesn’t have cracks or chips. Avoid plastic bowls that can cause allergic reactions and harbor bacteria or BPA. Plastic is also easily chewed if you have a mouthy dog, and the plastic may end up in your pooch’s stomach. 

Be Mindful When Feeding Your Pet

Just like us, our pets need to be properly fed to feel their best. Using a pup cup or an appropriately sized cup with measurements will ensure your pet is receiving the right amount of food at the right time. This will eliminate overfeeding and keep your pet feeling happy and healthy. Another way to stay mindful when feeding is to keep a food diary, especially if your pet is experiencing digestive issues. Keeping track of what upsets their tummies can be helpful when selecting consistent nutrition. In addition to using a pup cup and keeping a food diary, implement the following into your mindfulness practice:  
  • Mind the treats.
  • Ditch the table scraps. 
  • Read the ingredients. 

Stress Less, Exercise More

One of the most common causes to pet digestive issues is stressful events like traveling, boarding or separation anxiety. Reducing your pet’s stress and anxiety levels is a key component to keeping their digestive health operating at 100%. If you’re traveling, make sure to always have fresh water available and provide plenty of rest stops. If you notice your pet experiencing stress or anxiety, exercise can be a great way to manage their flux of emotions. Daily walks and time spent outdoors together can help calm their stress levels and is essential for your pet’s overall well-being.

Vets & Meds

Since our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong, making time for regular vet checkups is critical to their longevity. Pre- and probiotics are great to incorporate into your pet’s diet to ensure a healthy digestive system. Additionally, becoming familiar with your pet’s medications can make vet check-ups easier. Keeping a record of what works for your pet’s health and what doesn’t, can be beneficial for you and your vet. In addition to regular check-ups and being aware of your pet’s meds, following a parasite prevention plan is vital to your pet’s health. Ticks and fleas can lead to disease and infections, which is why it’s so important to provide proper preventive care.
Do your pet’s gut a favor and stock up on Exclusive Pet Food at a retailer near you. While you’re picking up a bag, be sure to ask your retailer for more digestive health advice.

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